DDK Servo Press

Press tools with different loads are available:

            2kN (0.2 ton)          5kN(0.5ton)           10kN (1 ton)

            15kN (1.5 ton)        20kN (2 ton)          30kN (3 ton)

            50kN (5 ton)           70kN (7 ton)          100kN (10 ton)

            150kN (15 ton)        200kN (20 ton)


System Capacity:

          Work Parameters:

                        Up to 32 part programs can be defined.

    Programs stored on EEPROM. No battery backup required.

            Pressing Methods:

                        Load control or Distance Control.

                        7 other specialized methods.

    Load, distance, time and rate can be monitored in all methods.

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