HFC 3000 Series Hand Held Nut Runner

  • Transducerized servo controlled robust and compact hand held type nut runner tools
  • Torque range starting from 10 Nm to 300 Nm

Quality Management:

  • In-process inspection of the fastening cycle by monitoring torque, angle, torque rate and time.
  • Visual(LED) and audio confirmation of fastening.
  • Store up to 12,000 cycles of fasteing data, 100 curve data and 500 abnormal history automatically.
  • Store 1.8 milion (8MB CF) fasteing resultant data on Compact Flash memory card.(Optional module)

HFC 3000 Series Hand Held Nut Runner

  • Production Process Flexibility
  • Quality & Traceability
  • Patented High Speed Seating Mechanism
  • Wide Range of Tools


  • Torque(Angle Monitor) or Angle(Torque monitor) Control fastening.
  • Judgment by Torque Rate, Time and total rundown revolution monitoring.
  • Built in Gyro sensor for ergomatic/safety(Pistol type tool) operation. Senses grip swing motion.
  • Built in simple Sequence function. (Batch count Multiple parameter)
  • 64 settable parameters
  • Fieldbus connection for communication. CC-Link,DeviceNet,Ethernet I/P,Profinet IO and others.(Optional)
  • PC based user console(software) connection can be done through Ethernet.
  • Single phase power with wide voltage range : 100 – 240 VAC (Auto sensing), separate transformer is not required.