Nut Runner Systems

Venus Automation’s extensive nut runner product line, designed for operator comfort, ranges from 5 Nm to 5000 Nm and includes automatic shut-off clutch, cushion clutch and stall tools that provide accuracy, speed, reliability and simplicity of operation.

AFC 3000 Series Fixturized Nut Runner

The innovation of the fastening process is here. This is a nut-runner system built for the future of the assembly process.

HFC 3000 Series Hand Held Nut Runner

Transducerized servo controlled robust and compact hand held type nut runner tools.

Torque Tube, Slider Arm, Torque Arm

A torque tube transmits torque, a slider arm is a component of a suspension system, and a torque arm prevents unintentional movement in machinery.

Micro Nut Runner

Micro Nut Runners” for Low torque, high speed, high accuracy applications especially for the electronic, medical industry and small assembly

SPM for Tightening Applications

SPM stands for “Special Purpose Machine,” and it is commonly used in manufacturing for automated and precise tightening applications.

Features of Nutrunner Systems

  • Simple suspended systems to Complex column type machines
  • More than 950 fixturized Nut runner systems for various tightening applications in India
  • Over 4000 fixturized Nut runner spindles ranging from 5Nm to 5000 Nm in India
  • Configurations from Single spindle to 37 spindles as one system
  • Flexibility through Head change mechanism, Pitch adjustment/s, Socket change arrangements for multi-model lines
  • Synchronization & Data acquisition through various communication protocols
  • Installations with state of the art features in modules from Dai-ichi Dentsu, Japan; such as in process Torque rate monitoring linked with rejection, Torque recovery function, Rejection based on joint relaxation etc.