Servo Press Systems

Servo press systems are more versatile and flexible than traditional mechanical presses, which have fixed stroke lengths and limited control over press speed and force. They typically use software-controlled servo motors and advanced motion control algorithms to precisely control the press speed, position, and force.

DSP 3000 Series Servo Press Systems

Full-digital servo press using technology developed from our servo nut-runners.

SPM’s for Pressing Application

Simple compact/complex machine building & completely automated Servo Press system.

Features of Servo Press Systems

  • Tailor made solutions for critical pressing applications
  • Simple standalone system to complex Multi model automation assisted systems
  • Installations over 100 Servo Press spindles ranging from 1 KN to 150 KN
  • Introduction of Servo Press spindles for various precision applications such as Cylinder Block liners. Valve Seat Valve Guide, Core plug etc. in India
  • Fully automated stations using part feeders, pre pressing requirements such as component heating.
  • Synchronization & Data acquisition through various communication protocols
  • Installations with state of the art features in modules from Dai-ichi Dentsu, Japan; such as in process Load rate monitoring linked with rejection, Load hold function, a variety of strategies for various applications etc