Micro Nut Runner

Micro Nut Runners’’ for Low torque, high speed ,high accuracy applications especially for electronic, medical industry and small assembly. If your application demands high quality, the Micro Nut runner is the solution.

  • The smallest and most light-weight nut runner in the industry.
  • The mounting of an ultra-compact transducer assures high-precision fastening.
  • Range : from 0.8 Nm till 2.4 Nm

Micro Nut Runner

  • Production Process Flexibility
  • Quality & Traceability
  • Patented High Speed Seating Mechanism
  • Wide Range of Tools


  • Simple and compact design to save space.
  • High-precision control realized by use of a high-speed CPU
  • Torque, angle OK/NG judgement function equipped as a standard feature in the compact body
  • Designated PC software stores fastening data, assisting quality control and traceability
  • Upper/Lower limit detection of torque/angle, control of fastening speed, and setting of torque detection values


Range : From 0.8 Nm till 2.4 Nm